Pocket Panda Brains (Gun Metal)

Pocket Panda Brains (Gun Metal)

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À la carte style; choose exactly which brain you want for the kind of experience you’re after!

Phat Panda Brains will work on any standard 510 threading.  Just load up the Phat Panda Brains with any 510 battery.  Please note, despite this being standard 510 threading, we recommend using only Pocket Panda parts.

Single Coil:

Savor every last bit of your extract with our single coil quartz system. Load it up with your favorite extract and set to low or medium for a smooth, tasty vape that packs a punch. Our unique Venturi airflow design will ensure the next hit is a good as the first, while providing the cloud chasing experience you've been looking for.

Dual Coil:

Shoot right to the moon with our biggest cloud producing full quartz dual coil system. Our dual coil brain will perform best on a medium or high setting and works best with wax or shatter.  This little guy is our hardest hitter and is sure to provide clouds that will have you soaring!


Step into a world of flavor with our quartz ceramic coil-less hybrid system. The coil-less Panda Brain  works best on a high setting and will be fantastic with any type of extract. The coil-less brain is designed for a terp tasting experience that is unparalleled.  

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