Introducing the P-Tank Survival Kit for the Pocket Panda Mini. A REVOLUTION in distillate cartridge vaping! Comes packaged with syringe so you can extract distillate from a already pre-filled cartridge and load straight into here.  Get 3x bigger hits with our P-Tank and stop using those crappy carts that break all the time!


Tired of pre-filled cartridges that are plagued with high failure rates and weak hits? Introducing the P-Tank Survival Kit. Our revolutionary new atomizer is built for distillate solutions and will provide you with ultra-big hits at a small price. Never worry about another cartridge failure again. Our included extraction system will allow you to remove any material from a broken pre-filled cartridge and load it into the P-Tank not only saving you money, but also giving you bigger, more satisfying hits. So easy anyone can do it, no experience required.


Our revolutionary P-Tank will not only save you from losing those broken pre-filled cartridges but, it will provide you with way bigger hits!

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