Pocket Panda Mini Kit

Pocket Panda Mini Kit


The Pocket Panda Mini packs a powerful punch in a slim, sleek, and sexy design. 

Don't let its slim design fool you! The Pocket Panda Mini's battery offers full-sized functionality. The sleek battery is packed with 4 different heat settings including a hands-free pre-heat feature. The 350mah capacity means you will enjoy long vape times and short charge cycles so that you can spend more time vaping and less time charging. Oh and by the way, it has a USB pass through so you can still vape even while it is charging!

Size matters, but bigger is not always better. Our all-quartz, single rod, Clapton coil mini brain was built to be the most efficient and best tasting on the market.  

Our Clapton coil consists of a large diameter core wire with a smaller diameter core wrapped around like a guitar string - hence the name Clapton coil. This allows the Pocket Panda Mini to maintain the lower resistance of the core wire while providing a great deal of extra surface area from the outer wire, to distribute heat. The end result is a single coil that hits like a double coil without the long heating times.  In short, the Pocket Panda Mini's efficiency is top-notch.

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